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Courses – Public and Private

Organization design and change

CourseNo. of days /
Max participants
Target audience
LeSS/Agile Practitioner: Principles to Practices3 days / 30Senior Management,
Middle Management,
Product Management,
Teams (of Teams)
LeSS/Agile for Executives: Principles, Organization, and Change2 days / 15Senior Executive,
Senior Management

Product Management and Product Strategy

Course/WorkshopNo. of days /
Max participants
Target audience
Impact Mapping and Agile Impact Management Workshop1 day / 15-20Senior Executive,
Senior Management,
Middle Management,
Product Management

Product Development, Teams (of Teams) practicing modern software development practices

Course/WorkshopNo. of days /
Max participants
Target audience
Initial Product Backlog Creation Workshop2-5 days/ 30Product Management, Stakeholders,
Teams (of Teams)
The Art of Software development flow1 day/30Product Management, Teams (of Teams)
Scrum – single and multi-team Scrum – SM/PO/Teams2 days/ 30Middle Management
Product Management, Teams (of Teams)
Kanban – based on Get Kanban or equivalent game1-2 days/15-20Middle Management
Product Management, Teams (of Teams)

Facilitated Workshops

Organizational Design Implications of Large-Scale Scrum and Agile Development: An Executive Seminar
Deep-Dive Agile or Lean Management Q&A Workshop
Preparation Analysis and Design for first LeSS product group adoption
Impact Mapping Workshop
Story Mapping Workshop
Go See at Gemba (Genchi Genbutsu)
Systems-Thinking Workshop for Executives: Exploring Assumptions, Thinking Deeply
Value-Stream Mapping PLUS WIP and Queue Analysis Workshop
Organizational Change and Improvement Backlog Workshop
Organizational Design Analysis & Refinement Workshop
Enterprise-Level Educational Programme Design for Lean & Agile Software Development
Self-Designing Teams Workshop
Go See and Help at the Value-Adding Place
Facilitating and Coaching Scrum or other ‘Agile’ Events for Skills Transfer
Lean and Agile Transformation Leadership
Lean and Agile Org Design, Coaching, Curriculum, and Programme Design
Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Sprint Kickstart
Splitting and Prioritizing Product Backlogs with Large User Stories: A Workshop
Hands-on Coaching: Acceptance TDD, Agile Development, Agile Modeling, Design Patterns, TDD, Breaking Dependencies, Refactoring, and Agile Software Development
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