helping build dynamic orgs to thrive in complexity

Meet the Coach

Srikanth Ramanujam

Agile & Lean (Executive) Coach, Trainer 

My philosophy

Thinking Coach for beautiful minds Does your “methods to your madness” lead you towards agility and excellence? Organizational agility, change, culture, resilience are all outcomes of systemic behavioral changes driven by the mental models that you believe are true and those that you believe works for you.

I thrive as a change agent and I love challenging your thinking and your status quo. I excel in coaching people in organizations to establish and sustain the necessary systemic behaviour changes to create necessary conditions for success in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) marketplace.

Your business should not be a constant battle for everyday survival with reactive execution but build practices for proactive resilience and the ability to “turn on a dime”, essentially “mastering time”.

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