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LeSS Meetup Event: February 10, 2021 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EDT


Implementing Agile is not merely a matter of training! It’s also about the coaching and supporting management and teams after their training as they learn to apply their new skills and behaviours.

In this meetup, Jon Ward will outline how individual coaches can improve their coaching skills and how teams of coaches can orchestrate their activities to magnify their impact and improve agile team performance. Using research from the world of sports coaching, Jon’s materials will help coaches seeking relentless improvement of themselves and their teams!

Jon has over twenty years of technology and business change consultancy experience, and he is currently leading an Agile Transformation in a five-thousand people division of an international telecoms provider.

Jon has found that some coaches have struggled with the transition from team level coach to enterprise-wide coaching. He has written “The Agile Coach’s Cookbook”. This evening’s meetup is an extract from his book. Jon describes himself as an agile catalyst who is framework agnostic.

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