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Four Qualities of Artful Making

LeSS Meetup Event: Friday, November 20, 2020 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST

In 2004, at the beginning of my journey into agility I read the book “Artful Making: what managers need to know about how artists work”, by Rob Austin and Lee Devin. It left a deep and lasting impression on me and I’ve taken sustenance from their shared ideas many times over the past sixteen years. For this talk I’d like to focus on the four qualities the authors call out as essential for new product development, especially relevant to knowledge work: Release, Collaboration, Ensemble and Play.

The session will be a blend of presentation and small group dialog, with an emphasis on the latter. Through these dialogs participants will gain a deeper understanding of the concept of artful making, and how this framework of qualities is essential if we truly want to shift the power dynamics of our corporations and unleash the innate creativity of the workforce.

Tobias is an explorer of human relationships, a writer, mentor, teacher and speaker. He is committed to the liberation of the corporate workplace, and to that end, spends a lot of time thinking, talking and writing on personal responsibility, grassroots initiative and compassionate confrontation. More at

Tobias is also the author of The People’s Scrum: Agile Ideas for Revolutionary Transformation. This book is a collection of essays drawn from his writing over the past seven years on the blogs Agile Thinking and Agile Anarchy, missives from the front lines of agile practice that represent the next generation of thinking on conventional agile topics like self-organization, technical debt and estimation–and utterly original writing on new topics like organizational anarchy, corporate oppression, the effect of testosterone on business practices, and artisanal product development.

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