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How Product Ownership Kills Agile at Scale – Ben Maynard

LeSS Canada Event: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT

Being a Product Owner should be a rewarding and challenging experience when you are able to execute the role in such a way that allows your organization to grow, the teams to be truly self-managing (in the way agile intended) and to develop a product that customers and users alike love.

Sadly, in many organizations, this is a goal and not a reality, but why? When the role of Product Owner meets the (let’s say, traditional) needs and expectations of an organization the role often loses the fundamental characteristics and responsibilities that make it so powerful.

In this talk, Ben will explore the some of the most detrimental systemic effects that can arise when the role is not understood correctly or carried out poorly and how these effects can destroy any dreams or success when attempting agile at scale.

About Ben:

Ben has coached, trained and been passionate about software and people since 2009 proving that it is possible to build relationships, trust, and respect at all levels of an organization. .

As an experienced curator of organizational culture and design Ben has helped organizations to create value for both their customers and its’s people by asking the following two questions, are we building the right Product and are we building it in the right way.

The key catalyst to all of this has been an obsessional focus on coaching, mentoring and educating people at all levels of an organization so that they can be effective and successful in achieving the organization’s and their own personal goals.

Not only is Ben the UK’s only dual certified Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Coach and Trainer he is also a Professional Coach having graduated from Henley Business School on Europe’s only triple-accredited coaching course.

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