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Turn on a dime, Viral Agile Change

Misunderstanding #4: We will change when we are ready.

Ready or not, here I come. We live in a VUCA world – a term that is so overused, so I am not going even elaborate the abbreviation. Readiness to change is a fallacy of thinking, change is a constant and change is going on whether you like it or not. Your only choice is your response.

Revolutions can start anytime. Just ask the Corona Virus, about when it wanted to get started and spread itself. It didn’t wait for nobody or permission. The revolutions that you don’t start, the movements that you don’t create are the missed opportunity while someone else is doing just that.

Tomorrow, we shall talk about another misunderstanding #5

Srikanth Ramanujam is a Coach and teacher focusing on helping organizations with new ways of work. He draws from the best of ideas, frameworks, methods and practices and his work and offerings include:

  • Application of Complexity practices, Design Thinking, and Systems thinking to Organizational design
  • Cynefin and Sensemaker offerings towards organization strategy, innovation, complexity informed Design Thinking, Culture change, Organizational culture, safety, agility scans, and associated strategy/action
  • Product Management and Product Development – customer-centered agility using LeSS works – a Product Development and R&D technique that focuses on high forms of Agility and technical practices
  • Application of creating sustainable change in the culture of an organization through the practice of organic and network theory practices – driving change though Viral Change – to create a social movement of beneficial behaviors that scale quickly.

Your initial problem identification and approach Zoom session are always free Also, the initial problem identification workshops are also free. It is an opportunity for you to understand the coaching/teaching approach we bring to the table, evaluate us, as well as help you crystalize and bound your problem statements and ideas that could be developed into a strategy that could be executed upon with clear measures of what would you help you move towards what your potential success scenarios are.

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