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Value Stream Design – Dirk van Goubergen

Systems Thinking Toronto Meetup Event: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM EDT

A free flow discussion about Concepts and Principles to understand “the most underutilized and underestimated” tool in the Lean toolkit, what we came to know in the Western world as “Value Stream Mapping – VSM”.

Since everybody nowadays states they are doing VSM in their companies, we will try to go to the roots, understand VSM through the needs that brought this tool to life. Then we will be able to say if we are really “Learning to See”. We are privileged to be guided on this session by a Lead global expert on VSM, based in Belgium.

Dirk has more than 25 years of international experience in teaching and coaching implementations of lean/operational excellence in different manufacturing, healthcare and service industries throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia and Africa. Among his clients are companies such as Volvo, Mars, Philips, Daikin, Johnson&Johnson, Coca Cola, Amgen, Toyota, Delphi Technologies, TE Connectivity, AWS, etc. He works with executives, management, engineers, and employees in four languages and strongly believes in a teaching/ coaching/ mentoring approach to develop and empower people in order to get sustainable improvements and results.

A major portion of his time he spends on improving flow and value stream design in and outside manufacturing. For more than 10 years he combined his work in industry with academia at Ghent University (Belgium). As a professor of Industrial Engineering he taught and conducted research on productivity improvement, design of manufacturing and service operations and Lean/TPS. He was one of the founders of the first graduate Industrial Engineering program in Belgium and for five years also the program director of the “Master in Industrial Management” program. He guest lectured at several universities and business schools in the Netherlands, USA, Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico, Thailand and Israel. Currently he is in on academic sabbatical. He holds a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Royal Military Academy (Belgium), an MS degree in Industrial Management and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Ghent University (Belgium). Read more about Dirk here

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